Costco is a good source for bulk items and in return we save.
Another option is

Pick De Cecco pasta for example, the king of pasta which defines all else as a noodle.  I have never seen De Cecco on sale at the supermarket and usually it sells for at least $3.00 per box.

At Amazon one can get 10 boxes of fettuccine for $23.09 (as per today’s inquiry) making it $2.30 per box. That is about an $.80 savings per box.
Of course orders over $25.00 ship free.
New York based Ronzoni is also a mighty fine dish of pasta and can also be found at Amazon.
Like De Cecco, take it off the fire al dente and it stays al dente.
Take Barilla off the fire al dente and it will keep on softening a little more, it will however taste better than most.
Pasta al dente in this case means semi hard.

The Italians refer to pasta as pastasciutta, dry pasta, usually served at lunch with sauces.
For the Italian dinner, pasta is also the first dish but served in soups such as tortellini in chicken broth, minestrone (big…heavier content soup), minestrina (little…light in content soup), pastina in chicken broth, which is Dr. Mamma’s number 1 prescription and so on.

At the restaurant order al dente and they will have to cook fresh pasta just for you.
Buon appetito!

For free clear plastic storage jars that can fit fettuccine, spaghetti and other long pastas refer to the Plastic Storage Jars category.

To The Unaware

To put it succinctly; there is an island out there on the Pacific somewhere between California and Hawaii. It is not an island to take a vacation on, nor one to honeymoon.
It is a floating island of garbage consisting mainly of plastic and it is known as Garbage Island.

The currents of the Pacific at this point come to a gyre and trap the garbage accumulated in their journey making an island that is about two times the size of Texas.
The island is not easy to clean since ecosystems have adapted, have flourished and have become part of the ocean food chain. Professionals are now trying to fix this mess.
Sadly enough, Garbage Island is not the only island of this type floating in the oceans.

In this crowded world we need to conserve, recycle and not litter in respect to the unborn, human or not, who will eventually have to deal with our ignorance in order to survive.
Plenty of web sites address the problem of Garbage Island. Please investigate.