Tomato Plants: Free Range

tomatoes uncaged

Tomato season is almost over and the plant shown is not the greatest example of bounty but the idea here is to celebrate the rake.

Considering the high price of some tomato cages, the sawed off rake that would have been tossed otherwise, provided a certain “free range” growth for the tomatoes allowing them ample air and sun space.  Leave alone hand space for harvesting.
The small bungee cords never once severed the branches and easily allowed adjusting as the plant grew.

The rake never bowed in any direction because the bungee cords were arranged with a sense of balance and the pole set as deep as possible.

The growth of the tomato plant will gradually make the rake visually disappear.

A smaller rake might work also but gather the plant too tightly.

If you decide to do something like this in the dirt, embed 2/3 of the overall length to avoid over turning.

So maybe next year instead of buying a couple of tomato cages, for the same money or less you can get the aging rakes replaced, avoid waste and still support your tomatoes off the ground.

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  1. This is a good option if you only grow a few tomato plants each year and don’t want to have to continuously tie or train your tomatoes.

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