Ordinary Everyday Concrete Molds

The concrete molds shown with the exception of the helical pyramid and the shells are all around us and most of them have been used for garden art on this site.

Roughly 100 shells were made and about 30 helical pyramids.

We need to train our eye to evaluate not only the contents but also the packaging it came with.  Packaging is truly an art of its own.

Sometimes these molds may not be interesting by themselves but in composition with others, their synergy might produce something exciting.
everyday moldswaiting to serve

The flower pot saucers have proven convenient in a variety of ways.  Their depression in the middle has worked very well in centering a second piece like the helical pyramid series or the tupperoids made from a Tupperware bowl.
The fluted bases from a plastic bird bath have been useful also.
The rectangular form could make concrete blocks.
It came from the supermarket’s produce section as many others do.
The bakery department is also a good source for molds.

These molds do not have to be confined to concrete.  They can come handy for ice sculptures also.

Refer to the ‘concrete for the home’ category for tips on concrete, tools and molds.

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