Stepped Retaining Garden Wall

A flower bed with a natural slope and tendency to shed to the left with heavy rains and watering, thus creating ponding over the walkway.

A low stepped retaining garden wall made of concrete shells with an enclosure to trap, manage and celebrate the water that otherwise would be a nuisance.
Groundcover will control erosion and keep the concrete shells cleaner from dirt.

bay of piratesLemon Land beyond

The garden wall as it formed and things fell into place, suggested a whimsical composition titled Bay of Pirates. It was a procedure of patience and lots of tinkering.
Eventually it became suddenly obvious when the overall composition was complete the way it was.

The fable goes like this:

Water sheds to the left reaching the Bay of Pirates where it is contained. looking downBay of PiratesWhen the dirt is hosed wet just right during dry weather, a steel rake can provide a texture resembling water, sort of like Japanese dry gardening.

When the Bay overflows it does so into the Golden Pond which has been made with a 24” concrete saucer. The saucer has a drain hole and a solar light.
Erosion is the sole contributor to naming it Golden Pond. looking upGolden Pond
Power Point Observatory and light houseAbove it all sitting on a large 24” concrete saucer is The Power Point Observatory and Light House.
Across the walkway eventually there might be Frog Mountain, a 3 foot concrete volcano with a toad sitting on a carpet of baby tears in the caldera.

The volcano and Golden Pond will anchor the entry to a small area dominated by a lemon tree. This is Lemon Land.from Lemon LandRefer to the ‘concrete for the home’ category for tips on concrete, tools and molds.

Concrete at the price of $2.69 x 60lb bag would make the price of a concrete shell about $.34 if not less. All the shells together cost about $34.00. The total composition not counting tiles and marbles, the solar lamp post and the bird nest would be about $37.00.

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