Dry Rot Repair

Dry rot is one of wood’s and property owner’s eternal and very costly enemies. In researching how to repair dry rot for personal use, we have come across a web site that is almost hard to believe.
The company sells a solution type A and type B sort of thing and has done extensive work for the U.S. government repairing thousands of windows first by neutralizing the dry rot problem and then by repairing them with their filler.
Below is an excerpt from their awesome project gallery which is a ‘must see’.
“The U.S. Department of Agriculture Building was the largest office building in the world until the erection of the Pentagon. LiquidWood® and WoodEpox® were used to restore over 8000 deteriorating windows in the South Building in 1986-1996. The most severely deteriorated windows were on the south end of the building. WoodEpox made possible the preservation of the windows on this side. LiquidWood was used on all of the window sills and 8 inches up on the frames. After restoration, the wood was primed and painted.”

For better understanding, the web site below clearly shows and explains the Abatron product in use.

All in all this is a solution that depending upon the gravity of the problem, could save some sweet hard earned dollars.

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