Decorative Concrete Ornament For The Garden

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This decorative concrete ornament is meant to hang and sway from a tree branch. It is about 12”x8”x1”+-
It took about half hour to make at a negligible cost.
The front has a rubble look with marbles embedded to catch the light.
The back of the ornament is slightly concave and in this case it holds a head made spontaneously.
This concave area is ideal for religious icons and statuettes.

1. Fill a plastic bag with desired amount of sand.
2. Place on flat surface with the extra plastic down under the sand bag.
3. Shape your form in oval, round, square or free form fashion.
Think of width and depth.
Notice the interesting texture above the head in the picture. It is from the creases of the plastic bag.
4. Pour the concrete over the sand bag tapping and shaping gently.
5. Tap with the trowel marbles, pebbles or anything else. Embed a hook at the end of the composition.
Let slow dry for a day in shaded area.
6. Flip and remove from the sand bag. Set the composition on top of the bag for protection and with a spray bottle spray water for adhesion where you’ll be placing the head.
7. Mix the concrete and shape a head.
Let dry.

Bungee cords are wonderful in the garden. The ones where the hook and the cord are separate pieces will allow adjusting of the hook so that the art work faces the desired direction.

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