Night Stand

Main parts:
• 20” tall garden clay pot. $20 each
• An inherited refrigerator glass shelf to add a touch of Dadaism.
• (2) continuous color changing night lights from Costco.
The lights fade from one color to another and bland two colors into a third. Chances to get them both red are extremely slim.
The lights can also be set so that colors do not change.
• An old CD.
• Clear marbles.
• Extension cord.
• Larger felt pads for the floor and smaller clear pads for the glass.

one of two night stands

How to make:

1. Take white latex paint and dilute. Maybe 1 part paint, 4 parts water. White wash the interior to a desired shade.white wash

2. Use (4) ¾” felt pads at bottom of the pot to protect the floor and to raise the pot enough to allow electrical wiring clearance.
3. Insert an electrical extension cord into the pot through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. The hole might have to be enlarged with a drill to allow the cord’s plug to go through. The extension cord should be able to receive at least 2 plugs.

just a nice pic

4. Cut a slit through a CD to the hole and let the extension cord slide through the slit and into the center of the CD’s shiny face up.
5. Place clear marbles on top of the CD.
6. The CD and the marbles are for reflection. The CD is also to refrain the marbles from going through the drainage hole of the pot.
cord bearly enters
7. Plug 2 continuous color changing night lights to the extension cord.
8. Almost done!
9. Place a small clear rubber pad at each corner of the pot’s rim, gooey side up, so that the protection pads will adhere to the glass.
10. Connect the extension cord to the power.
11. Done!



The night stands (or anything you want them to be) will come alive in their elegance
during the darkness of night emitting very subtle color changes.
The pots come in different heights and could be
shocking focal points in outdoor spaces tastefully vegetated.
The night stand shown above would be very nice as a glass coffee table accompanied by a black leather coach and chairs while the inside could be orchestrated differently.

The energy and money used for this artistic furniture luxury is miniscule in relation to the many other ways we can save.

Please note these last pictures may appear much darker on some monitors.

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