Tutti Frutti Island

This experimental garden sculpture was made from a 24” flower pot saucer.
The center piece with the marbles was made previously.

• After applying the releasing agent, the concrete was poured gently in the saucer with occasional vibration to rid of air bubbles.  It was leveled with a trowel and concentric lines made with a plastic card.tutti frutti island
• The bottom of the previously made center with the marbles was first sprayed with water for adhesion and not to suck up the water from the wet concrete, then placed on top of the saucer at the center.
where all fruits are welcome •Some concrete was then applied all around the center piece as rubble and to anchor the center to the saucer.
• Marbles at the edges were then tapped in with the handle of the trowel but since the concrete was rapidly drying, the marbles had a hard time sinking.  Some plain cement was placed around the marbles to float evenly.could it be volcanic?

• The darker color of concrete around the peripheral marbles was due to the cement that was sifted from the concrete bag.  The darker color is baffling but it can be handy as an accent.
• 24 hours later the concrete was taken out of the form.

Concrete at the price of $2.69 x 60lb bag would make the price of this composition about $.90.
Refer to the ‘concrete for the home’ category for tips on concrete, tools and molds.

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