Concrete Saucer

The flower pot saucer form has the beauty to satisfy multiple tasks:24" saucer
1. When placing a flower pot atop, the depression in the middle will hold a small amount of water but the pot will not develop a ring around the base as it usually does.
2. It can be used as a base to art work.  The depression at the center comes very handy when interlocking a piece above and frames it visually.
3. Use as stepping stones.
4. Use as a bird bath.
5. Saucers can be stacked with smaller sizes on top creating a ziggurat type composition.
6. A hole through the center favors other uses such as drainage
or placing a solar garden light through it.24" saucer with hole

Flower pot saucers come in multiple sizes and it is wise to stick to the same manufacturer for interlocking and fitting purposes.

How to make:
1. Spray the saucer with a mold release agent.
2. Place tiles face down after planning the pattern.
3. Mix and pour the ready mix concrete.   Vibrate and tap gently the concrete with a trowel to avoid air bubbles.
4. If a hole in the middle is desired, place a plumb pipe in the middle that is long enough to stick out of the finished concrete level.  Later as the concrete cures turn the pipe a hair a couple of times.  If needed the pipe can be shorter and left as a sleeve.
5. 24 hours later take the saucer out of the mold and with a credit type plastic card scrape excess off of tiles while damp.
6. Use a plastic card as a straight edge and with another card score along the straight edge.
7. Fill imperfections at tile edges by gently shaking some Concrete Fix All over the crevices. Then feather and level into crevices with the light brushing of a plastic card.
With a spray bottle dampen the area and let dry.
8. When dry buff gently with a small wash cloth wrapped in a couple of plastic bags.
9. Done.

Concrete at the price of $2.69 x 60 lb bag would price a 24” saucer at about $.90 ea.
Refer to the ‘concrete for the home’ category for tips on concrete, tools and molds.

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