Whimsical Toad

A 4 to 6” hole in the exterior garage wall due to the clothes dryer vent that was moved.

Behind the stucco there was wood.
A 1x wood board large enough to cover the hole was glued and screwed to the existing 1x from the garage side.

This left a depth of about 1.5” to the edge of the stucco finish on the exterior.

A hollow garden toad this time proved handy.  night shotPart of the toad’s back was sawn off with a hack saw.  Various tests occurred to see how the toad sat in the hole and then later with the anchor.

A coat hanger was doubled, bent to 90 degrees +- and cut once leaving a 3”x3” +- anchor.

A screw was inserted through the hole opening into the wood earlier applied.  This held the anchor.
Use those black common sheet rock screws.  They are mighty fine.

Some concrete (cement is OK) was placed in the hole followed by some small wire mesh.
More concrete was applied over the mesh as well as inside the toad.

The toad was pushed against the anchor sticking out of the wall and pushed into seat.
It was an orchestration of movements but it all worked.

The balance of the hole around the toad was filled, smoothened and a light texture applied.


At this point a long board, held by a garbage can, was placed against the toad to insure it would not fall.

Later after the toad had cured, Concrete Fix All over the moistened concrete patch helped achieve a finished texture look.
Chinese bristle brushes or a spray water bottle work well to moisten.

The hooked toad was caulked and primed.

The job took about an hour and a half and the cost of the toad itself was about $3.00.

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