A Process Of Creation

This is a process in the stretching of the imagination
…and stretch …and stretch.

We need to evaluate what we need and what we have around us.
Does this work?  Does that fit?
Can they interlock?  Are they modular?
Where can we get that?  How could it be done?
…and stretch …and stretch.

Sometimes we embark on a composition
with a vague idea of what we are after
just following our gut feeling.
Oh my goodness it is beginning to look like…
…and stretch … and stretch

We think of a good name
and finally have a path to follow
to realize our composition.
At times the synergy of a multitude of compositions with their titles
will suggest a theme and therefore a directional goal.
Sort of like taking a shadow and then
composing what could cast it.

Like most things,
artistic compositions should always have a name
even if the painting is white on white.
Titles in fact can at times sprout luster and meaning from the banal
and it is just plain wonderful fun.

…and stretch …and stretch
concept, solution and presentation.

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