Concrete, Basic Tools For The Shown Small Jobs

some basic tools
• One gallon can or bigger for mixing.
A one gallon plastic paint can with the metal rim removed with a utility knife works very well.
Be extremely careful when cutting the rim off.
• Small trowel.
• A comfortably shaped detergent plastic jug is a good source of water.
• A water spray bottle is also very nice.
For finishing:
• Chinese bristle brushes of different sizes are fantastic. Prices for these exact brushes differ greatly from store to store but they should be relatively inexpensive. They will last until the bristles eventually will shorten to the handle.
• A small plastic dish should you have to mix some cement for touch ups.
Concrete Fix All works well in these surgical situations being finer than the cement from the concrete mix which will sift with some sand. Always test.
• Sponge.
• Very fine sand paper can be helpful at times and on others, a simple grocery plastic bag can be a wonderful buffing tool.

For plugging some small unwanted holes made by air bubbles, I will put a very small amount of Concrete Fix all on the dish, 3 drops or so of water from the sponge, stir and apply with my fingers. I will then feather it with a wet finger, the sponge or the bristle brush. They can be smoothened by buffing with a plastic bag as they dry if desired. Practice mixing the cement paste to the right consistency.

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