Credit Type Cards: You Keep The Interest

cards as tools

Sometimes we get in the mail credit card offers or offers with cards from other entities.
We might even have an old expired card from the library around the house.
Do not throw them away but instead store them somewhere together.

You will notice they come in different thicknesses and flexibility and their surgical uses are endless and up to your imagination.

• Cards are great to scrape delicate objects without leaving behind a ferrous trail.
• A paper towel wrapped around the card is good for buffing and at times for sanding.
• With sand paper you can sand small tight grooves and the card’s flexibility also allows it to bend and sand something with several curvatures, such as molding.
• They can be used to shave excess amounts of spackle or joint compound when used at an angle in small surgical jobs.  Yes, one could use a 6” knife but that does not feel the same nor allows the dexterity of the card.  Shaving the ridges reduces the amount of air borne dust caused by sanding.
• Fantastic for applying spackle in curves or anywhere and having four edges it allows having the spackle on two opposite sides.  It also allows delivery of the spackle with one edge and smoothen the spackle with another clean edge.
• The cards can be cleaned easily during use with two fingers or a small paper towel.
• When the need arises they can be handled as a pencil rather than a putty knife and they can be easily cut with scissors to fit your purpose.
• When applying pictures on an album each of the card’s corners can hold one of the photo mounts that will hold the picture.  A simple rotation of the card in between the fingers can deliver very rapidly and speed up the process when adhering hundreds of photos to an album.
• They are great also to be used as a throw away but of course we would recycle the plastic.
Of the cards shown above looks like the American Express ones are the most used.  They are somewhat thin and flexible.  The Discover is the most flexible.

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