Roasting Coffee

For Father’s Day my son gave me 2 pounds of raw unroasted Green Colombian Supremo coffee beans and a Toastmaster pop corn popper, model TPC2, to be more exact.

Toastmaster model TPC2

We inserted the raw beans in the popper and after two minutes the beans started popping gently.
Six minutes from the start the raw beans had roasted to a shiny and greasy brown perfection.  After a few roasted bean loads we concluded that the longer the roast, the darker and stronger the bean.  Maybe our scientific analysis was incorrect but the espressos we made were magnificent.  We might have even raised the bar to Starbucks and Pete’s Coffee which in their own virtue are mighty fine.
We decided to roast the beans outside next time because roasting coffee makes a lot of smoke.

The last time I looked on the web for Green Columbian Supremo it was about $4.45 x lb for a 5 lb bag.  Starbucks coffee at the market is an average of $10.00 per 12 ounces (3/4 of a lb) and Pete’s coffee is even more.

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