It might be wise not to take for granted the things we see for their sole purpose of which they were made and intended for and it is up to our imagination to see what else they could be or used for.
There is a sense of pride in using conventional items in unconventional ways and to know money has been saved in not having to purchase, even though at times it is simply just required, a tool or item for every occasion.  Need not to mention the carbon footprint we are reducing by not having to drive to the store on every occasion leave alone reducing energy and emissions in manufacturing and their demise after use.

Frugality can be seen as using only what is needed sensibly while saving all around, money and energy waste.  It makes proud sense and it is a way to live green naturally.
Frugality takes time and effort but the outcome is one of self satisfaction in circumventing what is status quo.
Maria Ludwig Michael Mies Van Der Rohe would often say “less is more”.

One thought on “Philosophy”

  1. Now days i find that people are proud to be frugal while not even 5-10 years ago it was something looked down upon.

    It’s a move in the right direction and with Americans saving more these days i think it’s a topic of interest to the greater population.

    btw, nice post!

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